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SBATC Announces New Pay Promulgation for Construction Apprentices

SBATC Announces New Pay Promulgation for Construction Apprentices

Monday, 2 October 2023

The Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council (SBATC) is committed to enhancing the prospects of Building Craft Apprentices and ensuring fair compensation for their hard work. Starting from Monday, 2 October 2023, SBATC has established new hourly wage rates for Building Craft Apprentices while they are registered with SBATC. These rates are as follows:

The SBATC apprenticeship pay promulgation can be accessed here: SBATC Apprentice Rates of Pay – Monday 2 October 2023

The agreement amalgamates the two-stage approach recently promulgated through the CIJC Working Rule Agreement (6% uplift in July 2023 followed by a 1.5% increase in January 2024 for Craftspeople and General Labourers) into one single uplift of 7.5% for apprentices as a one-year agreement.

This approach will simplify arrangements for apprentices, avoiding multiple uplifts across the year, whilst also allowing apprentices to benefit from the full 7.5% from early October rather than having to wait until January for the final instalment.

The promulgation includes a ready reckoner table to support employers to understand their National Minimum Wage responsibilities for apprentices with rates of pay detailed for each year of apprenticeship dependent on the apprentice’s age.

4-Year Apprentice Wages:

Apprentice Age18 or below19 – 2021 – 2223 and over
1st Year£5.68£5.68£5.68£5.68
2nd Year£7.02£7.49£10.18£10.42
3rd Year£9.32£9.32£10.18£10.42
4th Year £11.32£11.32 £11.32£11.32