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About Scottish Building FederationDeveloping trust over 125 years

Established in 1895, the Scottish Building Federation (SBF) has been a trusted advocate and representative for the construction industry in Scotland. Over the years, we have worked closely with our members, fostering a community that brings together ideals, addresses collective needs, and promotes collaborative business practices.

At SBF, we are dedicated to championing the interests and aspirations of our members across Scotland. Our membership base comprises hundreds of diverse companies, ranging from large corporations to medium-sized enterprises and small businesses, all actively engaged in construction and general contracting. This diverse network allows us to provide comprehensive support and tailored services to meet the unique requirements of our members.

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Membership Benefits & Services

Utilise our comprehensive range of direct business support services including employment law and commercial advice. Our professional, experienced and construction focused team actively resolve Member issues through a personalised approach, providing letters, guidance and attending meetings.  

What we doSBF membership is a seal of approval from one of the industry’s most respected trade bodies.

Prior to joining, potential members must provide evidence to prove they have a minimum of 24 months trading, have public and employers’ liability insurance & pass credit and director checks, they will also pass an independent check through Trading Standards.

The SBF badge gives customers the confidence that they are using a contractor who is a responsible employer and adheres to the highest standards of customer service, health & safety and workmanship, with members having to fulfil strict criteria before joining and committing to abide by the SBF Code of Conduct.

Should you need support, SBF have a Dispute Resolution and Conciliation Service which may able to help you to resolve the matter before it escalates into a potentially expensive dispute.

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