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The Demolition Contractors Association is a specific membership grouping within the umbrella of the Scottish Building Federation created to offer demolition contractors the same level of business support services enjoyed by SBF Members whilst also providing a unique voice to members of this critical sector of the construction industry in Scotland.

The Demolition Contractors Association is represented on the Board of Directors of the Scottish Building Federation ensuring that the demolition sector is directly involved in industry discussions and decisions.

In addition, the Demolition Contractors Association also meets to discuss pertinent matters relating to the sector, particularly areas of devolved responsibility in Scotland such as procurement, environmental standards, legal contracts and apprenticeships. The DCA also provides a platform for local networking opportunities and sharing best practice.

Members of the Demolition Contractors Association also benefit from the comprehensive business support services provided directly by the Scottish Building Federation such employment advice, legal support and dispute resolution services.

A membership subscription for the Demolition Contractors Association is currently fixed at £1,000+VAT per year, regardless of the size or shape of the Member.

Demolition contractors wishing to join the DCA must complete a two-stage assessment process; first there is a financial probity check and then there is a demolition competence review.

Should you have any questions or if you wish to join the Demolition Contractors Association please do not hesitate to Get In Contact