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SBF and NFB Sign Joint Working Acord

SBF and NFB Sign Joint Working Acord

The Scottish Building Federation (SBF) and the National Federation of Builders (NFB) have signed a new joint working accord which will see much closer working between the two organisations.

SBF and the NFB, widely perceived as partner federations, have had a long history or collaborative working and friendly relations, and have now decided to formalise this relationship for the benefit of the Members of both organisations.

Whilst continuing to exist as separate organisations, together SBF and NFB have signed a commitment that will see:

  • Exchange of Information: Sharing relevant information, research, data and best practices to enhance collective knowledge and understanding.
  • Joint Initiatives: Undertaking joint initiatives, projects or programs that align with shared interests and objectives. Such initiatives shall be determined through mutual agreement and documented separately.
  • Networking and Events: Collaborating in organising conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events to facilitate networking, knowledge sharing and professional development.
  • Resource Sharing: Exploring opportunities for resource sharing, including but not limited to facilities, equipment, professional expertise, advice to Members, and human resources, subject to mutual agreement.
  • Advocacy and Representation: Co-ordinating efforts in advocating for common interests and representing collective viewpoints on relevant matters at local, national or international forums.

This joint working is expected to see rising standards, services, and advocacy with no additional cost, as Members benefit from economies of scale and a great collective voice.

Vaughan Hart, Managing Director of SBF, said: “By formalising our relationship with the National Federation of Builders, we are taking a significant step forward in strengthening the bonds between our organisations. The joint working accord signifies our commitment to better serving our Members in Scotland, England, and Wales. This collaboration will undoubtedly elevate our collective impact and provide our Members with enhanced services, advocacy, and a united voice in the construction industry across the nations.”

Richard Beresford, Chief Executive of the NFB, added: “For those in the construction industry, collaboration is absolutely critical to success and that should apply to trade associations too. We’ve had a long and fruitful relationship with the SBF and already do a number of things together. It is time to shift that up a gear and yield the commercial, reputational and representative benefits of a closer working relationship. We are excited about the prospects of this partnership and the louder voice and improved offering we can now give Members in all three nations.”