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Associate Membership is available to individuals, companies, and organizations with a vested interest in the construction industry. This inclusive category encompasses various entities, such as education establishments (including colleges, universities), management consultancies, recruitment consultancies and agencies, chartered quantity surveyors, architects, and businesses associated with the sector.

Our Associate membership carries a standard fee of £500 + VAT however it does not provide access to the full range of services offered to Corporate Members. However, SBF remains open to negotiating membership terms on a case-by-case basis, tailoring the fee accordingly based on any specific need of the potential Associate Member. This approach ensures fair and flexible arrangements to suit each potential Associate Member’s requirements.

By fostering a collaborative and accommodating approach, SBF strives to create mutually beneficial relationships with Associate Members, enabling them to derive maximum value from their membership experience while contributing to the advancement of the construction industry.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I apply?
Does my membership fee change yearly?
No, Associate members only pay a fee of £500 + VAT.
Does my organisation have to be within the construction industry?
Your organisation can join the Scottish Building Federation as an Associate member if you are in a related industry. (e.g. Management Consultancies, Chartered Quality Surveyors, Universities, etc.)

Should you require further assistance, please get in contact wit our Membership Engagement Executive, Anna Law